Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Texas Primary

Tomorrow I'll be voting and caucasing for Obama. I'm not really sure what the point of caucasing is, but I'll be there doing something. you don't know where to cast your ballot, you should check here. You can verify that you are in fact registered and find where your polling place is. I never received any verification in the mail that I'm properly registered. A little surfing and I've found to my relief that I am. The quick and dirty argment for casting a ballot in support of Obama: he's more electable than Hillary. I'd be surprised if any readers needed a more substantial justification. If you think you need reasons for not voting McCain, here are a few. He's a child. (Saying publicly you look forward to Castro's demise? Singing "Bomb, bomb Iran"? Someone should tell him to grow up.) He's cheated on his wife. He actively seeks the support of an anti-Catholic bigot who worships a God he thinks will make Jews pay for their recalcitrant refusal to give up their Judaism. He's trying to game the FEC (here). He's a tool. He's not endorsed by Ann Coulter. (For the vampires.)


Anonymous said...

oh please let obama win the primary please!!

ps. who said vampires are bad? ahhah jk

Shaina said...

wishing Obama to win? His middle name is
Husein. You are looking for BIG trouble.
Hillary looks o.k. to me. She is smart, she is a pragmatist. And then of course you get two for one.
Hilary AND Bill too.

Clayton said...

His middle name is "Hussein". I'm pretty sure the American people are smart enough to realize that (a) that doesn't mean he's a Muslim ('cause he's not) and (b) it doesn't matter if he's a Muslim.

I _hope_ you were speaking to his electability with that remark. I have a hard time imagining someone who sees two Clintons in the WH as a positive who would believe that Obama is Muslim or regard this as a negative.