Tuesday, May 27, 2008


... and then the "apology"


Jonathan Ichikawa said...

It was a completely ridiculous comment, and entirely inexcusable.

I feel pretty good about the apology, though; it looks like about what was called for. I take it from the scare quotes that you disagree?

Alastair Norcross said...

The "apology" was obviously insincere. The vile piece of pondscum (apologies to pondscum everywhere) was just trying to cover her own butt.

Clayton said...

Hey Jonathan,

I thought the apology was insincere in part because of her tone (but you've been living in New England for a while and I can imagine someone speaking in roughly the way she did and being sincere). I also thought it was insincere since her attitude seemed to be 'Oh, poo, that little incident?' Making matters worse was her remark that this has been a 'colorful' election. There's really only one thing about this election that strikes me as particularly colorful and it doesn't surprise me that this certain feature has prompted a number of 'jokes' about Obama being taken out, having guns trained on him, etc... If there were any way of understanding that 'colorful' remark that was innocent, I'd be more open to the idea that her apology was sincere.

I also think that people who make gaffs such as this are constitutionally incapable of real apologies.

Michael said...

How much longer do we need to pretend as if we believe that these now-ubiquitous Obama - Osama conflations are accidental?

This woman is a terrible actor.

Clayton said...

The memo I received from Rupert said to continue conflating the two through November at least. I'm not sure how long you're supposed to continue to act surprised about this on your end. That time might have passed.