Thursday, May 29, 2008

The end of Dr. Barista?

It might be. Today's shift is the last shift I have scheduled and I don't know if I'll keep making coffee after my return from Scotland. I thought I'd outlast Dr. McNinja, but he hasn't stopped. I guess it's a bit sad leaving the service industry. If nothing else, this means I can't tell people on flights that I'm a barista. And this means I'll have to deal with this dreaded exchange:
Some guy: So, what do you do?
Me: I teach.
SG: Where?
Me: At SMU.
SG: What do you teach?
Me: (Bracing for it) Philosophy.
SG: Oh, what's your philosophy?
Me: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

In the old days, it would end with 'I'm a barista'. Now I'll just disappoint strangers with my philosophy. On a sidenote, my philosophy is vastly superior to David Armstrong's. I've heard it told that his was 'A stitch in time saves nine'. Lame. Nobody even knows what that means.

If you live in Dallas and don't like Starbucks, you should check out Gachet. We're located, or, it's located at 2336 Victory Park Lane. Unlike Starbucks, they don't lie about having the best equipment in town and, as an added bonus, I won't be making your drinks. (Directions).


Degenerate and Close Personal Friend said...

You should just tell people what I do when they ask:

"Oh, I work in gay porn. Mostly fetish stuff."

It stops the conversation cold (since people seem to have a grasp on what that might mean) and it makes them, rather than me, feel uncomfortable.

On t

Jonathan Ichikawa said...

I think I missed a step. What are you doing in Scotland?

Clayton said...

Hey Jonathan,

I'll be in Scotland for Arche Summer School. Haven't decided how long to stay yet, but I'll be arriving at the end of June and staying for at least a week.


Jonathan Ichikawa said...

Oh, awesome! That looks like a really exciting event. I won't be in the area until mid-August, so I'll miss you, but I'm sure you'll have a really rewarding experience.

Anonymous said...

SMU london is going to scotland early july, if your still there you should come talk to us cause you LOVE smu kids sooooo much! haha, i mean now we can all sit in a pub and drink together LEGALLY, which would make talking about frankfurt and hume sooo much more interesting with normal (unenlightened) people