Monday, June 16, 2008


Faithful readers of Think Tonk may remember the discussion from earlier this week about duties of fidelity and a certain dog's disposition to piss on things in my apartment covered in white fabric. There was some confusion about how to count pissed on objects and pissers. There was too little confusion when it came to counting pissings for my taste given my interest in action theory. Bracketing such concerns and assuming folk ontology, we had a pissing on the bed, two pissings on another's carpet while I was washing my bedding, and a pissing on the bath mat. A reader suggested that at the fifth pissing there was no longer an obligation to board the beast. Perhaps having read that thread and knowing that his owner would return this evening, little Bowser decided it would be a good time to piss on my cream colored couch.

He'll be leaving in five to ten minutes and will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

rejoice for freedom!