Friday, July 18, 2008


I've received word that APQ has accepted, "'Ought', 'Can', and Practical Reasons". (I'll post the latest draft, but I'm in the midst of switching laptops at the moment.) Thanks to all of you who offered comments on posts related to the manuscript below. It's nice to think that now I have a fair claim to being a two-trick pony.

I'll be presenting a version of the paper at a poster session at the Rocky Mountain Ethics Congress in early August (here). It's been ages since I've managed to get to a philosophy conference, so I'm really looking forward to spending some time in Colorado before school starts back up. Speaking of which, I'm thinking a bit about teaching next semester. It's going to be a brutal semester as I'm now slated to teach six courses. I'll be teaching a beginning logic course for the first time in years and I'd be curious to know if anyone has any reason to think it would be good to avoid using Hurley's textbook. Any suggestions would be fantastic.


Errol Lord said...

Congratulations once again! Wow, great year so far!

Clayton said...

Thanks, Errol. And, thanks for the feedback. You are on the list of people whose feedback was exceptionally helpful.

I've now been brought back down to earth as I'm now being kicked out of my office and having my desk taken from me.

Andrew Cullison said...


Jonathan Ichikawa said...

Congratulation, Clayton! Way to go!

Kevin Timpe said...

Congrats on APQ.

I don't want to talk you out of/into using Hurley's text (full disclosure, he's a colleague of mine). But if you do decide to use it and don't plan on using the whole thing and want to save your students some money, they'll print up a version for you with just the chapters you want for less money. You can even pick the title and the cover. Another colleague of mine does this and calls it "Hurley Light."

John Turri said...

Congratulations again, Clayton!

Have you checked out Barwise & Etchemendy's _Language, Proof, and Logic_? The automated grading service might help lessen your burden.