Wednesday, July 30, 2008

McCain's Paradox

I will not raise taxes, but everything is on the table.

This is a perfectly absurd thing to say, although what is asserted is something which is perfectly logically possible; it is perfectly possible that McCain will not raise taxes but is now leaving everything on the table.


Leo Iacono said...

What I find especially interesting about this is that whenever one says that one is going to do A, everybody realizes that there are some circumstances, B, such that if B were to occur one would not do A. But if you come out and say, "I will do A, but if B occurs, I will not do A," then you sound incoherent. But if you just say "I will do A," we all recognize that you would not do A if B were to occur. So why can't you come out and say what we all recognize is true?

Clare said...

The man is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma tucked into a Hot Pocket. But I'm sort of over trying to understand McCain. I wish people would turn their attention to John Edwards and his special lady friend who receives $15,000 in hush money every year. Hey John, remember that time YOUR WIFE IS DYING OF CANCER? It would really help my cousin who is a professional John Edwards impersonator. Oh yes. But that's a story for another day.

nate said...

Saw this sentence in this article and thought of you:

"Also, 23 percent [of 545 GIs who served in Iraq and Afghanistan] said they knew gay people in their units, while 45 percent believed they did."