Friday, August 22, 2008

Curious Omissions

A few blogs that have mysteriously not been added to my blogroll are now being added.

I'm a big fan of Jean Kazez's blogging (here). She's both quite clever and apparently a real person (i.e., she has both a personality and interests beyond joining ideas or pulling them apart).

I'm also an avid reader of Errol Lord's blog, The Excluded Middle. I'm not sure he's a real person. His blog is primarily philosophical. Sure, he's wrong about absolutely everything, but he ends up in the wrong place for the right reasons.

Finally, Theories 'n Things and Metaphysical Values. I won't be cute, I've never met Robbie.

Anyway, I'm fed up having to hunt these blogs down with a search engine and thought tonight is the night to blogroll them.

In other news, I'm slaving away on my paper on reasons and the justification of belief for this little collection. Should have something soon. I'm trying to write a piece that is an opinionated overview. Rather than defend any positive proposal, I'll try to show that some current treatments of epistemic justification suffer from a sort of incoherence. Given certain assumptions about the norms governing belief often used to motivate a theory of justification, we can only avoid rejecting the proposed theory of justification by severing in odd ways the connection between reasons and justification. I don't expect you'll quite know what I'm getting at, but stay tuned.


Jean Kazez said...

Aw...I'm flattered! Thanks for the link. I used to be unreal, but reality crept up on me. I am actually 3-dimensional! Messin' around with ideas is good too.

Errol Lord said...

Wrong about absolutely everything. Ouch! I'll take the other part as a compliment, though. Thanks for the link.

Errol Lord said...

Oh, and is 'Error Lord' another attempt at cuteness?

Clayton said...

Ah, that was a curious commission. I'll fix that.