Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thomson and McCain

When we discuss Thomson's "A Defense of Abortion" in my CMP courses, I find more often than not students forgetting that Thomson is trying to show that granting that the fetus has a right to life does not show that abortion is never justified. For the most part, they seem not to believe that there were these people who held the extreme view, that a woman is not permitted to terminate a pregnancy if due to rape or if it is a threat to her health. In other words, it seems they don't seem to realize that the extreme view is still on the table. The old (i.e., younger) John McCain argued in 2000 that that GOP should revise its platform and drop language that called for a human life amendment that bans all abortions. The new (i.e., older) McCain apparently is not going to push for a change in the platform. You can find discussion of the story here.

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