Friday, September 5, 2008

Brain Pains

I thought I'd mention that Brain Pains is back. Philippe has just posted on Schwitzgebel’s, "The Unreliability of Naïve Introspection” (here).

Here's a bad segue. Now that the RNC is over, I'm experiencing far fewer brain pains. We watched McCain's speech last night. If, as it seems, we should look at these conventions as sounds signifying nothing, I just like the sounds coming out of the DNC better than those coming from the RNC. If, however, we're actually supposed to think about the content of what was said, I gotta say that I didn't get much out of the speeches at the RNC except this.

Romney: There's the party that believes in human rights and there's us, the party that doesn't.
Giuliani: We'll drink the blood of the Mohamedists!
McCain: I'll end the scourge of unemployment insurance and you people owe me the office.

Also, Republicans can't dance and wear really, really stupid hats.

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Clare said...

The way Palin actually sneered when saying that Obama fought for human rights at Abu Ghraib... like it was a bad thing... that was the first of many times I almost vomited this past week. The Daily Show has done a pretty amazing job of covering both conventions, though. So that's where I've turned to each night, as I rock myself to sleep. Jon Stewart/Samantha Bee '08!