Monday, September 29, 2008

An invitation to yell at me in two weeks

Following Andy's lead, I'll say that if I don't finish within two weeks you have permission to yell at me.

In the off chance that you are one of a handful of people I know are refereeing a paper that has been sitting on your desk for 10+ months, why not aim at mid-October as a goal?


Andrew Cullison said...

On October 13...I will fully yell at you.

Anonymous said...

good luck!
ps like the new layout

mvr said...

FWIW, I think that meeting the journal deadline, whatever it is, is sufficient for fulfilling one's obligations here. Since most journals in fact give you 6 weeks to 2 months, this rule would much improve current practice and allow people who have lots on their plates to agree to do refereeing. I'm guessing that would be better than trying to lower the normal expectations from the 2 months the APA suggested many years ago and having many referees bail on refereeing leading to more time spent just to find referees.

Clayton said...

Hey mvr,

Agreed, but I think it's a good strategy to try to get these things done as quickly as possible. This is particularly the case now since the job market is around the corner.

Now, if only some other referees would finish their reports. I'd guesstimate that I have about six things that have been under review 6+ months. If I can complete a review teaching 6 courses and getting ready for the job market, I can officially say that there's no excuse for their behavior. The feeling of superiority won't give me a line on the vita, but it keeps me warm at night.

Andrew Cullison said...


One day warning.

Clayton said...

No worries, I've already finished. I figured I'd just post the comment in the comments thread once the deadline came that at some point I finished the review and sent in my comments.

Andrew Cullison said...

Nice. I didn't doubt you. In fact, I pretty much assumed that you'd be done by now.

I bet you still have heard from any of the journals you've submitted to. Something about this system NEEDS to change.

Good luck on the market.