Friday, September 12, 2008

Puppies, Fetuses, and Persons

Mike has an interesting post over at Prosblogion. Before sending you there, consider:

Saving Non-Humans
1. Given the exclusive options of saving the life of a puppy or saving the life of fetus, a pregnant woman is morally permitted to save her puppy rather than the fetus.
2. If the fetus had greater moral standing than puppies, it would not be permissible for the pregnant woman to save the puppy rather than the fetus.
C2. :. Being a fetus does not itself confer greater moral standing than being a puppy.


Go, discuss.

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Anonymous said...

It's valid and premise 1 is false. Don't you think that the closer to birth the fetus gets the more worried we should be about what we do with it? Puppies, and puppy fetuses are much cuter than infants and human fetuses but they don't get more important as they develop.


P.S. Be sure not to reveal your corrupt mind by disagreeing with me.