Monday, September 15, 2008

The suggestion box

SMU is paying June Jones $2 million per season and SMU is one for three on the season. Here's a thought. Funnel some of that money into academics. Buying us computers and sending us to conferences won't help win games, but neither will the coaches you hire.


Degenerate and Close Personal Friend said...

Dude, you're missing the opportunity here! Offer to coach for them at $1 million per year, on the grounds that you can lose that frequently at half the price. . . . (When in grad school, I was tempted to make the same offer to the Washington Wizards; however, they hired Michael Jordan before I could get the letter out.)

You can sweeten the deal by pointing out that the left over $1 million can go to the George W. Bush Library Thinktank Legal Defense Fund--for when the "faculty" there are all dragged off to trial for war crimes.

Anonymous said...

At least that is understandable. It is Texas after all, and we all know how important football is in Texas and to the lives of all Texans. So important that I had no clue what June Jones did, but then again I never went to a game the entire time I attended SMU.
Of course your department seems to be one of the many red-headed step children there, along with a good portion of the arts and medieval studies, just to name a few. I wish they would focus more attention on building the academic reputation of the school, including providing faculty with the means and tools to be able to stay up-to-date and competitive in their fields. Maybe they will change someday soon or you’ll find a better position elsewhere.

Clayton said...

My half-sister, who actually was a red-headed stepchild, would be deeply insulted that you've just compared her to the philosophy dept!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. Don't get me wrong, I love redheads... but that's a different topic all together.