Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama, now that you work for me ...

Dear President-elect Obama:

First, congratulations on your victory.

Second, please disregard Chuck Norris' letter. I don't care if the guy does clog the toilet when he pees. Your biggest test is not whether you be able to lead the other half of the country that doesn't agree with your vision, views and policies. There is no "other half". Chuck sucks at math. He's not even that great at karate.

Another one of your 300 million bosses,

Clayton Littlejohn


Pete Mandik said...

I'm puzzled by the "American" in Chuck's "American life." Being unborn, the unborn a fortiori weren't born in the United States. Not being born in the US, are they naturalized, then? Do they satisfy naturalization criteria even if they've been in the states for less than nine months?

Clayton said...

I can only reasonably assume that he wants the unborn deported.