Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! Saturday!

Bah! I've been grading all day. My goal is to grade 25 papers per day so that I might be able to get the grading out of the way in eight days and get a little extra time to finish off a draft of a paper on the ethics of belief that I want to submit for the Young Epistemologist Prize. I'm on the seventeenth paper right now and should be able to knock out the final eight while I still have the apartment to myself. The thing is that I keep getting distracted. It's the damn internets. They're great for hunting cheaters, but bad because when you get on them to hunt for the cheaters they keep leading you to things like recipes for making lasagna in your dishwasher. If you're feeling dangerous, try whipping up a batch of dishwasher lasagna florentine.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Good luck on the grading jail -- I'm there as well this weekend.

Clayton said...

Good luck with that. The upside is that Amy is going to let me use her dishwasher to make a lasagna!