Tuesday, November 11, 2008


AUSTIN — State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar isn't backing down from her claim that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is plotting with terrorists to attack the U.S.

The Texas Freedom Network, a watchdog group that monitors the board, released a public statement on Monday asking Dunbar to retract the statement.

"I don't have anything in there that would be retractable," said Dunbar, R-Richmond. "Those are my personal opinions and I don't think the language is questionable."

In a column posted on the Christian Worldview Network Web site, Dunbar wrote that a terrorist attack on America during the first six months of an Obama administration "will be a planned effort by those with whom Obama truly sympathizes to take down the America that is threat to tyranny."

It's too bad she can't be fired.

(You can read the rest of the story here.)


Brandon said...

The Texas State Board of Education does seem to be an argument for the importance of keeping an eye on who is on boards of education; there seems to be a lot of absurdity associated with it.

Mike Almeida said...

Truly incredible. I can only guess that she is pandering to the relevant constituency and doesn't actually believe it. That's the best spin I can put on it.