Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That sounds nice.

G-FA, "We have "merit raises": the formula for determining your raise is quite complicated, but VERY roughly, you'll get a ~$1000 raise for each full article you publish in a good journal, and a ~$4500 raise for a book with a major university press."

I've never heard of such a thing, have you?


Kevin Timpe said...

I was pretty shocked when I read that too. That approach is certainly different than the one in place at my university. I wish that it were otherwise.

Clayton said...

Yes, I had only heard of getting a raise by showing that someone else wanted to hire you away. Let's all head to Vegas!

Degenerate & Close Personal Friend said...

I've not seen it laid out like that, but merit pay raises are pretty typical. Where I am, the University gives some COLA % per person, some pay-parity money, and then additional merit money to be handed out differentially based on, erm, merit (teaching/scholarship/service). It is definitely nothing on that order, though--maybe a few percent of salary.

Clayton said...

It's much better than the annual pay decrease you used to get, no?

Kevin Timpe said...

We have merit pay (as well as 'equity adjustments', so that newer TT faculty come in at a higher rate than TT faculty hired in the previous 1-3 years; no COLA). The univeristy administrators set a certain % of the total college's salaries for merit pay, and then the dean in consultation with department chairs sets the percentage for individual faculty.

Let's just say that 'merit' means many things to many people.