Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pragmatic Implicature in Action!

The headline on Yahoo! homepage:
Poll: 38% want probe of 'war on terror' excesses under Bush

The facts:
Two-thirds of Americans favor investigating whether the George W. Bush administration overstepped legal boundaries in its "war on terror," according to a poll released Thursday by USA Today and Gallup.

A majority of respondents said a probe should be launched into allegations that the Bush team used torture to interrogate terror suspects.

Investigators also should look into the former president's program of wiretapping US citizens without first securing court-issued warrants, respondents said.

About four respondents in 10 polled by USA Today (38 percent) favored criminal investigations, while about a quarter (24 percent) said they want an investigation without criminal charges being filed.

Some one-third of those polled (34 percent) said they want nothing done at all, the pollsters said.

[The AP headline read, "Americans favor probe of 'war on terror' excesses" so I'm guessing that a probe is a probe even if legal sanctions are taken off the table. It's a lame probe, but that's something different entirely.]

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