Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An important perspective on global warming

More controversies to teach, I suppose.

(Thanks, AS.)

There's more.


Anonymous said...

Look at the aides behind the guy in the first video. They look like "Damn, I'm gonna be on the video with all this silly talk about Genesis. Hope my friends don't see this."

Clayton said...

Good catch. I think I caught a distinct smirk at the 27 second mark in the first video.

Real Estate Agent in Vancouver said...

Haha...the woman on the right actually laughs when she hears the word Genesis. That man can't be serious. First I thought I was watching another one of those "Onions" news videos because it seemed so ridiculous. I can't believe how low people will go just to sounds like they have a point. Unbelievable.

Take care, Jay