Friday, May 1, 2009


This often comes up in class. I'll have students who just don't get how non-believers could have firm views about morality. Instead of asking, 'But how do atheists explain that murder is wrong?' maybe they'll start asking, 'But how do atheists figure out that torture is okay?'

Details here.

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Doka Dotty Wine said...

Yeah, my friend told me about that statistic just the other day. Man, I would so love for you to bring that up in class. I'm not in any of your classes any more, but just to hear that you did it would suffice lol.

I have never met anyone who was seriously unable to fathom morality outside of religion. You should have had more group discussions in your class! I would love to talk to some people who view the world COMPLETELY differently than I do! I go to a school that's know for X,Y, and Z and yet I never associate myself with them so I perceive them not to exist when they do.

And I just finished my 5,000 word paper on Leibniz and I am currently in love with him, quantum physics, and if-y philosophies on consciousness.