Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Does anyone have a copy of this article they could email me?
Ken Gemes, "A refutation of global scepticism", Analysis 2009 69: 218-219

SMU's library doesn't have a subscription to Analysis now that they've switched to Oxford. It's insanity!


Kevin Timpe said...

I tried, but our e-access is only through the end of 2008 right now. For some reason, the links to the PDFs are missing from the 2009 issues. Sorry.

Clayton said...

Thanks, Kevin. I'm guessing this is a widespread problem. I hope Oxford and the libraries work this out soon,


Andrew Bailey said...

I've posted the paper here:


Clayton said...


Thanks for that. It's a fantastic paper.

Ken Gemes said...

Well, its fantastically short.