Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dude, where's my PPR?

Oh, and dude where's my Nous?

It seems that PPR and Nous are having a freeze on new submissions until October. Bad news. It's getting harder and harder to get published.


Andrew Bailey said...

Damn. Those two journals have such a stellar reputation these days for quick turn-around; I'm sure they've been completely swamped precisely because of this.

Clayton said...

It's horrible. I don't know what your work routine is like, but the summer is when I typically do most of my submissions. Given that Nous and PPR are two of the more reliable journals, this is particularly bad for new job seekers.

Andrew Bailey said...

Yup. Just a few days ago I finished grading and made a summer to-do list. Several items high on the list are of the form 'fix up paper x; send to Nous then PPR.'