Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I can think of one thing that's wrong with the world

Holy Jesus. I sometimes check out What's Wrong with the World for the jokes (it's funny when someone channels Bob Dylan while pooh poohing torture) but I'm pretty sure that if I had been a contributor up until today I'd quickly jump ship after reading today's offering (condensed version):

We need to end immigration for Mohammedists because lots of 'em are evil and shifty and if we let them in they will make parents that home school look bad.

No, I'm not making it up. Choice quotation, "Beyond that, the time has come for conservative American parents to consider the danger posed to them by immigrant cultures that, to put it bluntly, make traditionalist parents look bad. It is in our interests to support the ending of Muslim immigration, thereby blocking a route by which the public will plausibly be made suspicious of parental rights and of countercultural groups."


Degenerate & Close Personal Friend said...

OMFG! At least some commenters rose to the occasion and hoped she was just trying to stir up conversation or that she's a racist nutjob. . . .

But, then again, what would one expect from a blog that has as its slogan:

"Dispatches from the 10th Crusade"

exapologist said...

Good Lord.

Yeah, I go over there every once in a while. it's some pretty surreal stuff. Ugh.