Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Little Tancredo

I've had a fascination with Tom Tancredo since first reading about him at Crooked Timber. (He was the guy who wanted walls built along our borders with Mexico and Canada (here).) He's one of the go to idiots when the networks need someone to say something bad about Sotomayor. If you're not a regular reader of Talking Points Memo, then you're probably missing out on some good stuff they've been posting lately about someone in Tancredo's employ. Marcus Epstein was one of Tancredo's speechwriters and is the executive director of Tacredo's Team America PAC. Epstein recently pleaded guilty to a hate crime and apparently won't be attending UVA Law (although his facebook page suggests that he hasn't come to accept this just yet). Stories of racist Republican underlings don't typically merit much coverage, but you're going to make news when you deliver a karate chop to a woman along with your racial slurs.

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