Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dispatches from the lunatic fringe

Here's your daily dose of crazy:

In my view, a person who is so reckless with America's well being as this person is, is not a decent person who means well. [Obama] is someone who stands outside America, as something foreign and meaningless to himself, and who is trying to mess it up as quickly as he can, because his main purpose is to change America completely and irreversibly from its past, and he doesn't care how much he harms America in order to accomplish that. He doesn't care about America any more than an invading alien in a 1950s horror movie cares about planet earth.


Anonymous said...

I think this nicely summarizes a lot of peoples feelings about Obama, mine included.

Whereas supporters of the New Messiah will find it utterly bombastic, I find it only a little bombastic. And uncomfortable truths are always a little bombastic.

Clayton said...


This post ascribes motive to Obama on the basis of his support for policies and I think we should be a tad more cautious ascribing motive than the author of this passage was. Besides that, Obama's plans are not that out of line with the plans that Democrats have long been fighting for and for 'changes' that restore how things were before the Bush administration. So, if the author's argument had any merit, it seems that it would show that he's an alien along with the political party that is supported by the majority of Americans. That's a crazy view!