Sunday, July 26, 2009

More money, more problems? No problems now!

A little post for the Jetta drivers out there who I imagine will find this by googling for information about Jetta, electric failure, dashboard lights, dead battery, alternator, or something along those lines. I drive a 2002 Jetta and a few weeks ago, I had some trouble starting it up. It died on campus, we jumped it, and I took it in to my shop. He tested the battery and alternator and said that the problem was with the regulator. The repair was about $300. A few days after later, I'm driving down to campus and my radio cuts off in the middle of Garrison Keiler. I don't particularly like A Prairie Home Companion, so I thought the ghost in my car was probably right to kill power to the radio. Seconds later the warning lights started coming on. I'm out of wiper fluid. The air bag isn't working. Check engine light comes on. Wiper fluid light goes out. Then they all go out. Then a few more come on. I park. Turn off the engine. Try to start it again. Won't start. Can't jump it. Now I have to have it towed in to the shop. I want to bring it back to the original shop, but Amy says that's a bad idea. I call original shop to see if they'll set up a tow. No. They said that I'd have to do it and gave me a number. The number was disconnected. Saw rave reviews for Lord of the Rings, a shop north of me, and called him. They arranged for the tow and they had to replace the alternator and the battery. Another $800. The shop's owner told me that he had learned long ago that if you try to fix the problem I was having on the cheap, it would last a week or so and in the end you'd ruin both the alternator and battery. Wish I had known that in the beginning. Anyway, if you drive a Jetta and your Jetta is having the sort of problems that mine was, I'd recommend not having the regulator replaced. If you drive a Jetta in Dallas, I'd recommend Lord of the Rings.


Anonymous said...

Should have bought American jack- ass. The Messiah backs each car.


Ludwig's Drivers said...

VW hasn't made a particularly decent car in over thirty years. Get a Subaru.