Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sounds very scholarly

Details are emerging about Bush's Presidential Library at SMU:

The library, in conjunction with the museum, will contain numerous official papers and electronic records collected during Bush's eight years of presidency provided by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Such records include briefing memos, decision memos, laws passed and presentations, according to Langdale.

This library will house the largest collection of digital archives, which will "give us a lot of opportunities to get information out to people sooner than other presidential libraries," says Langdale.

The library will be set up in the form of a case study that is different from most presidential libraries, which are done biographically. The library will demonstrate steps Bush took in making 22 key decisions while in office, says Langdale. The setup shows which core principles, such as compassion and freedom, Bush reverted back to when making governmental choices.

I thought it was going to be a joke, but it's turning into a farce.


Deals On Wheels said...

Deep, exasperated sigh...

Anonymous said...

Did you see this weird story?


Clayton said...


Thanks for the link. I knew that Bush had his gun, but I didn't know it was going to be displayed as a trophy in the library. What a pathetic little man.

Doka Dotty Wine said...

Well, I know that some of his legislation WAS quite compassionate, but the only thing people remember is the very... uncompassionate/vengeful stuff... which is weird they would describe it by the opposite adjective.

Anonymous said...


"pathetic little man" Really? Why revert to such childish insults? Can you at least give the guy the decency of having his library and retiring in peace? I'm really not sure who is more pathetic at this point. Is it Bush or the people who look for every opportunity to hurl insults him? What the hell man? Give it up already.


Clayton said...


Why does he deserve a shrine and to retire in peace? Do you think it's not childish to wave Saddam's gun around?

Anonymous said...


A shrine is a far cry from a presidential library that is used to house information on the administration and other historical documents. Politics aside, Bush was a twice elected public servant. And that's why he deserves to retire in peace.

Like it or not, Bush happened. And given the overwhelming election of Obama most seem to have learned from their mistake.


Clayton said...

"A shrine is a far cry from a presidential library that is used to house information on the administration and other historical documents."

You are right that a shrine is a far cry from the typical presidential library that is used to house information and historical documents, but if the library is there as a shrine to Bush's "core principles", it's a shrine.

Should Bush get a library? There certainly should be a library where people can study the Bush administration. Do we need a monument to his core principles?

Should Bush's library contain trophies taken off of minor dictators?

The issue is not the library, per se, it's the crap they're putting into it that I'm objection to here.

Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken.


Brian Leiter said...

"Pathetic little man" is not a "childish insult," it's a quite reasonable, even charitable, decription of a war criminal and moral monster of world-historic proportions. Because he has retired as leader of the world's leading military aggressor, the worst he now faces is ridicule. Were he to have compiled a similar record of criminal misconduct as leader of a less powerful nation he would no doubt have been brought by now to Nuremberg-style justice.

It is one of many indications of the moral depravity of this nation that people still come to the defense--on grounds of "decency" no less!--of Bush. Do the purveyors of this kind of moral parochialism really know no shame?

Anonymous said...

I never though I'd say this, but I agree 100% with Leiter. You don't get to "retire in peace" if you've done the sort of things Bush did. I think "rot in hell" is more appropriate.

Shag from Brookline said...

I have heard that the George W. Bush Presidential Library will have more bookends than books.