Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gettier tweet

I just saw this tweet from Jonathan Ichikawa. "Anna-Sara thinks the Gettier judgment is inferential. I thought I was the only wierdo who thought that". Isn't Gettier included in that number or is he excluded on the grounds that he's not a weirdo?

I mean, you can have (putative) cases of JTB without K where the B is not formed via inference but I thought that Gettier's cases were cases of inferentially justified true belief that doesn't constitute knowledge. Am I wrong?

--John and Juan solved that mystery!


Juan said...

I think by "the Gettier judgment" she means the judgment that (say) Jones doesn't know that Havitt owns a Ford (not Jones' judgment that Havitt owns a Ford). I think that there is still textual evidence that Gettier also thought so.

John Turri said...

By 'the Gettier judgment', do they mean that the belief formed by the Gettiered subject is inferential, or do they mean that the judgment that the Gettier subject doesn't know is inferential?

I think they mean the latter.

Clayton said...

Thanks John and Juan, that makes it much clearer!