Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not sure what to make of this

but a reader sent me a link to a blog and some stories about fraud and philosophy. Here it is.


Alastair Norcross said...

Scary stuff. I wish they wouldn't keep referring to him as a "philosopher". He doesn't hold a degree in anything, and the one he was supposedly studying for in Sussex, before they kicked him out, was in political theory. He sounds like a Randian.

jrshipley said...

Definitely a Randian. There's a video on the website linked to where it says he thought there are "two types of people: creators and second-handers". That is in fact straight out of Rand.

Victims of Erich Kofmel said...

Your are correct. We understand Mr. Erich Kofmel is somewhat obsessed with the philosophies of Ayn Rand. But I also agree with your (AN) assertion that it is quite wrong to call him a "philospher" in the absence of any substantial qualification, and similarly to call the so-called "Sussex Centre for the Individual & Society (SCIS)" is little more than Kofmel's fantasy. We do hope Mr. Kofmel is brought to justice expediently for the misery he has caused his hundreds of victims.