Friday, November 20, 2009

All your epistemic views are belong to him

Good news! My theory of evidence survives what might be the coolest destructive argument in epistemology. See here. Warning: be prepared to kiss your favorite theory of knowledge and evidence goodbye. (I'm not bragging, by the way, my view gets off on a mere technicality. If interested, the view is defended here.)

This should cheer you up.

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Tim said...

Looks like Weatherson's said nothing that counts against a purely externalistic theory of knowledge, e.g., that knowledge is sensitive true belief (where, I grant, we'll need to do some work to get the sensitivity condition to come out right). Weatherson's arguments work only on the assumption that justification is necessary for knowledge, but we should reject that assumption and scream our rejection of it from the highest hills! That assumption has done such great damage to epistemology -- and to epistemologists -- that it might at this point be impossible to repair it.