Friday, November 6, 2009

Blog first, think later

and waste no time when the opportunity to attack Muslims presents itself:
I really do not think this most recent act of jihad can be allowed to pass without some comment here at W4. We should also not let pass the sheer cravenness of our Dear Leaders--at the highest level and in the media--in discussing it. I note that when I bring up Yahoo mail, the story doesn't even appear as a top story. Atlas says that Shepard Smith at first would not say the murderer's name--Malik Nadal Hasan--and more recently has been giving a platform to Hasan's cousin who informs us that...

you guessed it!

It's our fault. Yup. Hasan was "harassed." Oh. Well. That explains it.

According to The Messiah, this was an "outburst of violence." An outburst. You know, violence does that sometimes. It bursts out. Impersonally.

I envy her superpsychic abilities. It's the day after, and I still don't know what Hasan's intentions were.

A useful antidote.


Degenerate & Close Personal Friend said...

The comment thread over there is classic. When they say they're "Crusaders" they really mean that literally.

Anna Alexandrova said...

Truly surreal. In the following thread she says that no one should argue with her about what hypothesis this shooting supports, because she is an epistemologist. Now that's an argument!

Clayton said...

As a wise someone once said, fallacious appeal to authority is a kind of argument.

I have resisted the temptation to say that we epistemologists like to draw a distinction between being justified and being correct. Pointing to facts that come to light after judgment is made does little to show that the judgment was justified. And correctness is still very much up for grabs.

Must. Resist. Can't. Waste. Any. More. of. my. Life. Trying. to Argue. Away. The. Crazy.