Friday, November 13, 2009

Never step into a different dish twice

If it works for Wittgenstein and Oliver Sacks, why not?

I have this friend who eats cheerios every morning for breakfast, alternates tuna/pbj for every lunch, and finishes that off with veggie tacos every night for dinner. There's nothing wrong with that, right? Eat some oranges to stave of scurvy, sure, but I can't think of a reason for this guy not to stick with this and use the brain for something better. Like, philosophy or online tetris.

(That online tetris is addicting. I'm hooked on two player battle tetris with the monster map.)

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Lindsey said...

Now that's commitment to routine! If this friend is content, then I suppose their habit isn't exactly harming them. Do they drink anything in particular with each meal? Maybe that's where they find their variety! :)

[From your future student: Spring 2010]