Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is the Pacific APA leaving San Francisco?

Sunday I bought non-refundable tickets for the APA meetings in Chicago and San Francisco.

Monday I received an email stating that the APA might move the Pacific to Las Vegas or San Jose:
Dear 2010 Pacific Division Participant,

The Pacific Division recently learned that the union representing San Francisco hotel workers has called for a boycott of several San Francisco hotels, including our conference hotel. The Executive Committee would like to know whether you feel that the meeting should be moved outside San Francisco or whether you oppose moving the meeting.


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Kevin Timpe said...

I think it unlikely there is a strike, and if there is a strike I'd think the least likely option is having the meeting in another non-bay area city altogether (e.g., Vegas).

Why the Pacific always has these issues, but the Central and Eastern don't is beyond me.