Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We've got nuts working around the clock in shifts

Thirdly, let's get one thing straight: I did not so much as imply that it was perfectly OK for Christians who disapprove of homosexuality to refuse those persons hire for simply that reason. I did NOT say that this was OK. I said that if their lifestyle makes it impossible for them to fulfill their job commitments, THEN it is OK to refuse them hire. Are we clear?

I'm glad that Justin, a former colleague of mine, is fighting the good fight against this malt. I'm sad that Justin, a very talented philosopher, is letting the people who write this malt waste his time and energy.

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Degenerate&Close Personal Friend said...

You two are clearly fighting the good fight (dare I say "doing the lord's work"?), but holy crap those other people are complete idiots. Beckwith thinks that rainbows are as unlikely to exist as unicorns?

And don't get me started on Troy Nunley. Giving him a clue-stick with all the instructions wouldn't help him. I mean, he doesn't get the whole point: (i) not all Christianities are heterosexist; (ii) not all heterosexisms are Christian; (iii) just because a Christian thinks something is immoral doesn't mean that it should be grounds for employment discrimination; and (iv) most Christian (or religiously-affiliated) schools do *not* have such a policy in the first place -- so this isn't a "liberal fascism" against Christianity.

The real problem, here, is that people don't like to be called assholes. Sadly for these particular people, they *are* assholes -- as are any bigots who proudly call themselves Crusaders.

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