Friday, January 29, 2010

What's wrong with these people?

New talent at What's Wrong With These People. The brain trust has decided that they should balance out their crazy anti-Muslim pieces and homophobia with some good old fashioned sexism. Should be fantastic.

Final word on that APA post. I like the old APA policy statement better. So far as I can tell, Troy's view is that because of magic a policy that forbids discrimination on racial grounds applies to behavior but a policy that forbids discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation doesn't cover behavior. And, you're a fascist opposed to the spread of ideas if you place conditions on who can advertise in your publications. Why, why, why does anyone bother to argue with this? I have no idea. (Mr. Zero, you have better things to do!)


Kevin Timpe said...

I know Troy from college. That school, as well as the one that I currently teach at, are ones targetted by the new policy. I'm also on one of the committees for the APA who was asked to look at this issue in reponse to the petition and the counter-petition.

For various reasons, I supported flagging the institutions. But few of the schools that deserve to be flagged under the policy advertise in the JFP. And I doubt that the new policy will actually increase the hiring of gay candidates at such schools. To be honest, hiring at many small Christian schools is problematic in ways larger than just this issue.

Clayton said...

Hey Kevin,

I agree with lots of what you're saying. (Some of it, I can't agree with for reasons having to do mostly with de se attitudes.) Fwiw, I think that there can be reason to debate the substance of the issues, but debates about whether the APA policy even applied to schools that engaged in discriminatory hiring practices when it was formulated in terms of sexual orientation is silly--particularly in a debate where all parties acknowledge that policies that condemn racial discrimination apply unquestionably to cases involving behavior (e.g., the case of interracial dating).

You're right that the APA's actions won't increase the hiring of gay candidates, not in the near to not so near future. But, I think it's good to show solidarity to GLBT philosophers and non-philosophers.

wj said...

From that WWWTW post:

"the essence of police work is violence and coercion."

Really?!? the "essence"?! and not the *perversion* of what proper police work should be?!

Kevin Timpe said...


I agree.