Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Philosophy won't do anything but break your heart, crush your spirit, and make you an annoying person to be around at parties

(Thanks to NC who got this from DL.)


Anonymous said...

Hilarious, yet I can't help but bite my nails in fear of this being an illustration of a possible (and highly disappointing) future. Barista at Starbucks?!?! Nooo I've seen far too many philosophy graduates suffer this fate.

Clayton said...

Barista isn't great, but there are worse things to be. Hitler, for example.

I think everyone applying to graduate school should see this and a version where Hitler gets no news over the break while on his nth year on the job market, a version where his spouse leaves him because they can't find jobs in the same city, and of course a version where he gets some rejection letters for papers he's written that he needs to publish for tenure.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am certainly encouraged to continue on this path... The main point being, if you're a philosopher looking for work be prepared to be denied, kicked, screwed and dumped. A lonely, lonely life it seems.