Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chickens for Checkups

This is good for a laugh. Sue Lowden, who is running for Harry Reid's seat in Nevada, recommended "bartering" with your doctor. Initially it seemed she might have confused "bartering" with "bargaining". While the idea that you're going to bargain with your doctor over a kidney stone is amusing, it's not like she said that you should offer to pay him in chickens. Not until she did when given the opportunity to clarify her earlier remarks. Which she did.

Because I'm an avid watcher of The Thick of It*, I think I'm sort of kind of the kind of person who can understand how this sort of thing can happen. My initial response is that Reid's challenger is just clueless, but I think that's actually unfair. Suppose you're running for office and you're running as a Republican. You have to run against Obamacare. But, you're probably going to get hit with questions from people who want to know what's to be done about the high costs of health care. What's your answer going to be? Remember the rules. You're a Republican. You can't be in favor of any government program. You could follow Cantor's lead and tell a poor old woman to beg for the money she needs to pay her medical bills. Or, you could tell people to pay in chickens. Those really seem to be the only two things you can say if you're running as a Republican. You can say some stuff about tort reform and personal responsibility, but when people want to know what you plan on doing for them before they die, what can you say? As much fun as people are having with this poor woman, I think it's worth remembering that she stuck to the party line and managed to say batshit crazy things repeatedly with grace and dignity. She should get some sort of credit for that. The GOP, however, should be hammered for this sort of thing. They want to take away your Obamacare and make you pay your doctor bills with chickens.
Malcolm vs. Jamie. Who wins?

(Cool clip with Alastair Campbell esp. @ 6:00 mark.)

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