Monday, April 5, 2010

Jonathan hearted Sanjaya?

One of my students just informed me that Jonathan Dancy was responsible for the "We Love Sanjaya" campaign. (Or, so says his Wiki page.) I won't even mention the other questionable bits about leather that I'm having a hard time believing. This must be the price of fame.

(HT: Tyler Rutherford.)


Sean Landis said...

You'll have to link to an older version, since some scoundrel deleted those references in the version I saw.

Fraiser said...

Not sure what "bits about leather" you're referring to, but the actress Claire Danes, Dancy's daughter-in-law tells a story on the Late Late Show about Dancy wearing leather pants.

Perhaps you're already aware that Craig Ferguson had Dancy as a guest on the Late Late Show.

All of this is readily avaliable on youtube. I won't link since my comment will probably be auto-funneled into your spam folder.