Monday, May 3, 2010

Knowledge in an Uncertain World

My review of Jeremy Fantl amd Matt McGrath's Knowledge in an Uncertain World is now available at NDPR: here.

Forgive the opening lines. It's hard to write opening lines. I do think it's a fantastic book and I can't remember having as much fun working through a book as I had with that one. I think there's a line missing from my review. I meant to say that F&M can probably deal with the problem of false justifying reasons and the problem that arises for a certain understanding of JJ+ by distinguishing the conditions under which something is a reason and the conditions under which it is properly treated as if it is one. Off the record, I don't think the distinction holds up. But, that's off the record.


Jeremy said...

Thanks for the terrific review, Clayton.

I'm not tempted by JJ+, by the way. I doubt Matt is, but I'd have to ask.

Eric Schliesser said...

I liked the opening lines!