Thursday, September 23, 2010

How can a poor man stand such times as this and live?

Just a quick follow up/final thought (for now) on this Todd Henderson incident. If you and your spouse are pulling down somewhere between $250,001 and $400,000 per year and you are worried about the impact of Obama's tax cuts, that's understandable. And, if you're worried about having to fire "the (legal) immigrant from Mexico who owns the lawn service we employ", that's admirable. Why doesn't he just explain his situation to the guy that cuts his lawn? He could just say, "Hey, pal, I'm sorry that we can't afford the $20/week we had been paying you to cut the lawn. See, there's this tax hike coming that may or may not raise our taxes because we make somewhere between 250k and 400k a year. Could you cut us a break during these tough times and cut the lawn for $10/week?" Just level with him. The guy mows lawns for a living, so he's got to understand the plight of the working man.

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Matthew said...

Of course there is a good chance that the lawn guy is making upwards of 250K by running his business under his own name. I owned a window cleaning company before grad school and we cleared upwards of 350K. Lots of small service businesses fall in this range and stand to get hit.