Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paladino Email

Paladino and his racist email. I'm sure there's a distinction to be drawn between racist emails and racists, so to be fair, we should note that not all racists use email.

But, you know, the Tea Party isn't racist, it just supports racists.


Aidan said...

Anonymous said...

You are a racist; white (and other races) conservative christians are a group with as much unity as any putative group cohesion you think belongs to your favorite racial identity block.

Clayton said...


Are you accusing me of being racist against people for believing stupid things? Can I be racist against you?

Daniel said...

Yes, you poor, racist soul.
But praise Jesus, God loves all his children. Even those who are racist against Him.
Repent that you may be warshed of your sins.

Anonymous said...

No, you're not a racist "for believing stupid things"
For believing stupid things you are merely stupid.


Clayton said...

I think I asked whether you can be racist against someone on the grounds that he/she believed something stupid (e.g., that you could be racist against conservative Christians is among the sort of thing I'd think of as stupid and I'd love to be racist against someone who thought that, if it's possible). Didn't really answer my question.