Thursday, October 21, 2010


Is where I shall go soon. In keeping with recent posting trends, the name of this post will be the name of a band and the name of a city that I have been to or will go to.

I'm meeting with the Boston University Ethics Reading Group to talk about the unity of practical and theoretical reason. I'm of the view that the demands of practical and theoretical reason are unified in the following way: practical reason will not demand that you act against your own judgment if that judgment meets the demands of theoretical reason.

To give this view a name, I'll defend unificationism against the segregationists. I'm not a unificationist because I think practical reason is accommodating or because epistemic defects subvert obligation. I don't think it makes much sense to characterize the justified belief as the sort of thing you cannot act on. Most of the talk will be focused on beating up on views that try to bring the demands of practical and theoretical reason together by making practical reason out to be the sort of thing that accommodates us by relieving us of obligations we reasonably judge not to be under. I don't think practical reason is quite so accommodating. Hope to convince some other folks that this is so.

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