Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Duck & Beck

HT: Crooked Timber.


Anonymous said...

I see a fear generated from both political parties. The fear of what an unchecked government can impose on its citizens, and the fear generated from portraying everyday people (the folk) as idiotic, naive, hate-mongers. I reject the latter.

Clayton said...

Wait, so you think the left portrays "the folk" as idiotic, naive, hate-mongers? I consider myself to be part of "the folk" and part of the left, so am I guilty of portraying myself as an idiotic, naive, hate-monger?

The Dems do surely portray _part_ of the folk that way, but _part_ of the folk is that way. Maybe they overplay it, I'll grant that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here,

A good and fair response. You're a good guy Clayton, and I like you (:

I hold many conservative values (not slavery!) and am indeed mostly annoyed by both the right and left, and yet hold that participation in politics is important. So there it is.

Daniel said...

You're part of the left? Why are you a nazi-communist conspiracy master who wants to destroy the ideas of America?