Friday, December 17, 2010

Exciting news!

Received word that the referee reports on my manuscript look promising, so there's a chance that my book on epistemic justification just might be a go. I'll hopefully have something definite to report come some point in January! Now, I need a better title. I've been working with The Nature of Belief's Justification. Sort of dull, I think.


Anonymous said...

Go, Clayton, go! Congrats, man.

Hope you have a great holiday season.

Any chance you are going to do another BloggingHeads episode?


Anonymous said...


Would you mind doing a post on how you write for us Ph.D candidates in philosophy? That is, do you schedule a certain number of hours for reading and writing? Or do you just, as Niall Ferguson, says "get up in the morning and write"? In other words, what does your daily writing routine look like?

Anonymous said...

Go Clayton!

You're the V.I.P.

You get the first slice

Of the P.I.E.