Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugly story coming out of Texas

The Texas Observer is running some stories concerning the race for the Speaker of the House. Is John Cook of the State Republican Executive Committee motivated by anti-Semitism? Consider:
"We elected a house with Christian, conservative values," SREC member John Cook wrote Tuesday morning to other SREC members. "We now want a true Christian, conservative running it. This is not about Straus, this is about getting what the people want."

In case you were wondering, Straus is Jewish and his challenger is not.

John Cook's full email is here:
From: John Cook
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 10:34:17 -0600
To: John Cook
Subject: Re: YouTube - The Battle for the Texas House

I agree that we need to be respectful of each other and that we need to tell the truth about the facts. Knowing the facts, I have to take exception to the response to David Barton's message and your contradictions of Mr Barton. And I say yours, because you are resending it, therefore, you must agree with it. How can you say work together and then demonize a great Christian, conservative.

Two really quick items come to mind. First, I know both Larry Phillips and Bryan Hughes and think highly of both. If they say something, I believe them! I talked to Larry, just a few minutes before he walked into the committee meeting to testify. I told him I was greatly disappointed in his phone call to Bryan Hughes and that he was not following the Christian conservative approach to politics we as Christians were to follow. And that to make amends he had to drop his support for Straus and go with a more conservative choice. In our conversation, he never said he didn't do it. He also didn't take the oath at the committee meeting and Bryan Hughes did. That disappointed me also.

Secondly, your analogy of comparing the senate to the house is preposterous. The senate is historically less conservative than the house by more than the 20 point difference you sight, apples and oranges. Also the Democrat chairmen under Straus is 16 D's and 18 R's of 34. Under Craddick his first session is 12 D's and 27R's. The second session under Craddick was 10 D's and 31 R's. The 3rd session under Craddick, his last, 11 D's and 29 R's. Where are you guys getting your FACTS?

And I have only started looking at your FACTS. But if your not accurate in these, why should I believe the rest.

Straus' record is not conservative. Period!!

Straus' pro-life. Wrong!!! Why do you not talk about recorded vote 672 right before the vote you sight, 676? When he was voting against the Republicans and with almost all the Democrats. You can't just believe someone when he says he is pro-life. There needs to be confirmation!

Also, if Straus wants to caucus, all he has to do is call the caucus. Has he done that? He has a supermajority you say. I want to see the voting take place by Republicans who own the house at this point and I mean conservative Republicans. We will see who votes for Straus.

WE elected a house with Christian, conservative values. We now want a true Christian, conservative running it. This is not about Straus, this is about getting what the people want.

I have seen the list of 5300 conservative leaders across the state against a moderate and for a conservative, now show your list of 4000 you speak about! Then show me your list of 130 reps that support Straus. Or is Straus wanting a floor fight so he can be elected by the 51 Democrats again. Does this not bother anyone else but me?
John Cook


Anonymous said...

What's the evidence of anti-semitism? It's not in this letter; for these guys, "conservative" and "christian" are practically synonymous, so calling Straus non-Christian is likely meant as a way to emphasize his non-Conservativeness, not as a way to draw attention to Straus's religion.

Clayton said...

I hope you're right, but the letter questions Straus' conservative credentials and then goes on to say he's not a Christian. Either that's just redundant and he's repeating himself or trying to stress something about Straus' religion. I suppose I'm more inclined towards the second interpretation (he's already questioned Straus' conservative creds before turning to the Christian/non-Christian bit), but I'm not highly confident that your reading isn't right.