Friday, February 25, 2011


Did Shep just go wildly off script?

I don't know how many readers know who Alex Jones is, but he has a radio show that airs in Austin (and nationwide, I think) where the standard fare is conspiracy theories about how Obama and Bush are united in a plot to install a one world government, a push to own lots of gold, a healthy dose of 9/11 truthers, some conspiracy theories about OK, some crazy stuff about not giving your kids vaccines, etc... I'm sure most know who Charlie Sheen is. Why is Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones talking about his sitcom, 2.5 men? The world really is getting crazier. It's like flipping on The View to see Mariah Carey chatting about the work of David Ikcie.


Anonymous said...

thanks for destroying the myth that Shep has a script, kind of reminds me of libs who like to destroy the great American myth that Columbus set out to prove the world was round (psst, no one teaches or believes that, so it's not very cutting edge)

Mike Billy said...

Or flipping on The View and seeing Alex Jones!?:

jermox said...

From what I understand, Charlie Sheen is a believer of many of those same conspiracy theories. I remember seeing him talking about some of those 9/11 conspiracies.