Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Philosophers say the craziest things

A student of mine (Hi, Aaron) was deeply disturbed by some transcribed remarks from today's lecture:
"Equals vitamin post immediately where are in the blue as it is long where I'll are in love. Total material. What is the idea that there is this pistol out of the awareness that is this thing is is that so is wrong with a little while and had lunch at voices that are received sodas in Venice? What happens when a tree falls in the wind has no known out here and I might sound but I'm trying to figure class asked that question to question the tree of course the treatments on the clutch all the express of the trees. Tree farm owner of my family lives in the view is this is a love on the things that you can use you when people just yelling out because you want to finally have a policy not only that is crazy you they assistance your phone and all kinds for the Tahoe home safe and"

That does sound crazy, doesn't it? (In defense, I can't claim full credit. The text to speech program might have done some of the work.)

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