Thursday, November 24, 2011

On what it's like

My initial reaction was that everything is a little bit different (e.g., kids want to know where Wally is, not Waldo), but a little bit better (e.g., rugby is objectively better than football; underground is better than driving).

Maybe things aren't just a little bit different:

If the headlines are to be believed, things are very different here.


Gabriele Contessa said...

Okay, so, Rule #1 do not trust any printed news source other than the Guardian.

Alastair Norcross said...

Rugby may be better than American football (but I'm not sure about that), but real football beats the pants off both of them. Cricket, of course, towers above all other sports.

Gabriele Contessa said...

that was going to be my rule #2 except the bit about cricket, which is only beats curling

Gabriele Contessa said...

Well, clearly Rule #3 is: never post comments from your phone. What I meant to say with that cryptic and ungrammatical sub-sentence at the end was that the only "sport" worse than cricket is curling. ;-)