Friday, April 18, 2014

Festival: How The Light Gets In

How The Light Gets In is a festival being held in Hay on Wye from the 22nd of May through the 1st of June.  The idea is to bring together philosophers (and other writers) as well as music for ten days of thinking, debating, dancing, etc.  Seriously envious of anybody who gets to go. (Maybe someone will send me a ticket?)  I'd give anything to see James Ladyman on stage with Rupert Sheldrake and that is actually a thing that is going to happen.  (There's also going to be a session with John Heil, Dan Stoljar, and Rupert!  Seriously, can someone send me a ticket?)

Also worth noting that Anita Avramides, Simon Blackburn, Emma Borg, Nancy Cartwright, Hubert Dreyfus, Jennifer Hornsby, and Thomas Pogge will all be giving talks.  

Very pleased to say that my colleague, Eleanor Knox, will be presenting on force and then again on spacetime (or space-time).

Check out the link above, if curious.

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